Reciclar devuelve dinero


  • José Luis Vázquez Burguete
  • María Purificación García Miguélez
  • Amanda Alcalde Alonso
  • Cristina González Fernández
  • Alfonso Aparicio Puente


The Norwegian company Infinitum have created an eficient method for the recycling of plastic bottles. As its manager says: “A bottle can be recycled more than one time. In fact, it can be recycled 12 times”. Infinitum have created a loan schema with which when a consumer buys a plastic bottle, he is charged an small additional tax equivalent to a quantity between 12 and 30 cents of dollar. Consumers can take the bottle to a "inverse vending machine" that gives them their money back after scanning the bar code of the bottle, or they can return the bottle to some small shops and service stations to obtain cash or some credit from the shop, obtaining in return an small amount of money for every bottle they recycle.


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Vázquez Burguete, J. L. ., García Miguélez, M. P. ., Alcalde Alonso, A. ., González Fernández, C. ., & Aparicio Puente, A. . (2020). Reciclar devuelve dinero. Casos De Marketing Público Y No Lucrativo - Casos De Marketing Público E Não Lucrativo, 7, 323–328. Retrieved from

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