Casos de marketing público y no lucrativo - Casos de Marketing Público e Não Lucrativo Casos de marketing público y no lucrativo - Casos de Marketing Público e Não Lucrativo Latinoamerican Section of the International Association on Public and NonProfit Marketing (IAPNM LATAM) Perú - Research Group on Marketing and Operative Research (MIO), University of León (Spain) - Research Center for Business Sciences (NECE) University of Beira Interior (Portugal) - Institute of Business Studies (IBS) University of Szeged (Hungary) - Chair of Global Food Governance Studies, University of Oviedo (Spain) en-US Casos de marketing público y no lucrativo - Casos de Marketing Público e Não Lucrativo 2530-3422 Editorial <p>Editorial</p> Dora Agapito Manuela Guerreiro Arminda Maria do Paço Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-29 2023-01-29 10 1 1 1 El verano también es nuestro <p>En el verano de 2022 el Instituto de las Mujeres, un organismo público adscrito al Ministerio de Igualdad lanzó la campaña “El verano también es vuestro”. Para la difusión de la campaña se creó un cartel en el que se usaron sin permiso imágenes de modelos que posteriormente serían retocadas sin conocimiento de las mismas. La polémica surgida provocaría una ola de reacciones tanto en las redes sociales como en la prensa tradicional tanto en España como en el extranjero. En el caso se pretende estudiar el papel de los distintos agentes que se han visto envueltos en esta polémica, especialmente de las administraciones públicas. Además, se tratará de estudiar la forma en la que los distintos medios de comunicación han tratado el caso y sus intereses y motivaciones con respecto al mismo.</p> Sara Santos Granda Alejandro Sánchez Esteban Laura González Montero Abraham Hermida Ogando Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-29 2023-01-29 10 1 2 11 Alimerka's green strategy <p>Alimerka is a Spanish company dedicated to food distribution, founded 35 years ago in Asturias. Over the years, it has been expanding to other autonomous communities to exceed 6000 employees and almost 170 supermakets. Alimerka’s green marketing policies began years ago and today cover different aspects such as energy efficiency, ecological products, the reduction of plastic bags, the implementation of biodegradable bags when it is essential to use them and distribution, an aspect in which the company is leading. The carbon footprint generated by the distribution sector in Spain is enormous: that is why Alimerka wants to reduce it through the use of cleaner energy, transforming its vehicle fleets and generating its own self-sufficiency. The objectives pursued by the company are to minimize the impact on its environment and generate value for society, especially in rural and local areas.</p> José Luis Vázquez Burguete Lucía Valero Manso Julia Yang Castro Robles Manuel Cendón de la Mata Marcelo Mendoza Alonso Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-29 2023-01-29 10 1 12 22 The role of digital marketing in the defense of human rights: the case of Memorial <p>Over the years, marketing has been progressing and using new communication techniques and tools. Besides companies, NGO´S have been betting on marketing as a strategy to promote their work. Digital marketing, with the evolution of the internet, has become essential for their promotion, mainly through the use of social networks and institutional websites. Through the case study of the NGO Memorial, which works in the defense of human rights, we intend to understand the importance of the use of digital marketing tools in achieving the mission of this NGO. Digital marketing presents itself as an important resource in strengthening its social brand, allowing it to increase its ability to attract people to its cause.</p> Arminda Maria inisterra do Paço Joana Cabral Diana Lourenço Susana Carvalho Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-29 2023-01-29 10 1 23 34 The Role of Social and Digital Marketing in Heineken's Worlds Apart Campaign <p>Heineken is a Dutch beer brand founded in 1863 by Gerald Adriaan Heineken. The company pointed a problem in society, specifically, people with different points of view couldn’t enjoy a moment where they can share their different opinions that for them was a taboo theme. So, Heineken has promoted a campaign</p> <p>– “Worlds Apart”, that consisted in inviting people with opposite points of view to try to find something in common before revealing what their divergent opinions were, where the promotion of their well-being was associated to enjoying the quality and freshness of Heineken beer. This assignment explains this marketing actions, which we conclude that the relevant role of social marketing about social changes and digital marketing, in the wider spread of ideas and reaching a higher number of people.</p> Maria Antónia Rodrigues Paulo Gonçalves Catarina Brandão Inês Rodrigues Inês Ferreira Luís Pinto Tiago Rela Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-29 2023-01-29 10 1 35 46 Algarve Craft & Food: A Creative and Responsible Tourism Initiative <p><em>Algarve Craft &amp; Food</em> is a recent project taking place in the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal. The initiative focuses on developing creative programs for tourists, with a sustainable and responsible approach, thus respecting and including the local communities while preserving their culture and heritage. The main objective of this study is to describe the project and what has been achieved as of today, as well as its impacts on society.</p> Dora Agapito João Ministro Fanny Guillot Miriam Rueda Nery Barboza Mirko Mariani Raquel Martins Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-29 2023-01-29 10 1 47 59 Teaching case: AIRBNB <p>We could say that no company embrace such amount of innovation quite like Airbnb, born in 2008, the company holds a platform, where hots advertise their apartments and guests book their sojourn. With a unique business model regarding online marketing, it has certainly contributed to its impresive growth, becoming leaders in the industry. The brand undertakes a series of campaings ranging over different types as well as several successful digital marketing strategies, including those we have go into detail. The company developed in 2017 one of its key campaign, where they promote its commition to honouring diversity and fighting prejudice. It´s worth mentioning the Airbnb`s influencers marketing, in which the brand is undergoing during the last years.</p> Ana Lanero Carrizo César Sahelices Pinto Pablo Ferrero Martínez Sergio Aller Arias Alejandro Bayo Bocero Antonio Cortiñas Bermúdez Copyright (c) 2023 2023-01-29 2023-01-29 10 1 47 54