Adolfo Domínguez: a bet on slow-fashion


  • María Isabel Sánchez-Hernández Universidad de Extremadura



Adolfo Dominguez is a Spanish fashion firm that has regained relevance after having made a strong commitment to a more environmentally friendly consumer model. In one of its first collections, the slogan "The wrinkle is beautiful" marked a milestone in Spanish advertising, a concept that the brand has recalled and reused in a current campaign, along with "Be older" to promote the sustainability of the garments. of its collections, and to bet on the slow-fashion concept whose objective is to avoid wasting resources by buying quality garments and fighting against fast-fashion. In this case, the strategy responsible for it is analyzed and the new sustainable trends in the fashion industry are reflected on. Along with this, a manifesto for Animal Welfare has been added since 2010, by which the firm from Galicia does not work with leather and makes vegan bags.


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