City sport turism. Ironman Vitoria- Gasteiz, a case study


  • Lucía Sáez Vegas Universidad del País Vasco



The combination of tourism and sport has become an alternative to more conventional tourism. In the last decades, the tourism sector in general has benefited from globalization, the growth of emerging countries, new technologies and the increase in the number of vacation periods. Sports tourism has been benefited from this growth.

This paper aims to analyse this growing trend in the field of tourism, understanding that both factors, tourism and sport, are relevant in the economic development of the territory in general and the city in particular. Thus, the celebration of a major sporting event in the city is a unique opportunity to show the identity, image, culture and society, boosting the local economy and creating a sporting heritage that lasts over time. As a case study, we have selected the celebration of the IRONMAN in the city of Vitoria Gasteiz.


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Vegas, L. S. (2022). City sport turism. Ironman Vitoria- Gasteiz, a case study. Casos De Marketing Público Y No Lucrativo - Casos De Marketing Público E Não Lucrativo, 9, 124–137.