• José Luis Vázquez Burguete
  • María Purificación García Miguélez
  • Marta del Estal Lorenzo
  • Carmen Torres Soto


In 2019, Ecosia was funded by Christian Kroll, with the idea of creating a new business model with a positive social impact. In this sense, Ecosia can be considered a search engine that focuses on tree planting around the world. This is done through donations to non-for-profit organisations related to environmental care. Ecosia reaches its target audience through a large presence in social networking platforms like Instagram or YouTube, where it has 376,000 and 80,000 subscribers respectively. By doing so, they obtain a greater visibility and so, an increasing number of online users that cooperate with them and contribute to the cause. These actions are targeted to an audience that makes a daily use of the online browser. All the revenue originated from this browser is destined to tree planting projects. This is possible due to the profit generated by advertisements displayed on each search, donations and by the “ecolinks”. This links allows the search engine users to donate some money, each time a purchase is made. All projects pursue certain objectives focused on forests conservation and planting new trees in those areas of the world that need it the most.


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