Consumer behaviour in green marketing: 4ocean’s business model


  • José Luis Vázquez Burguete
  • Ana Lanero Carrizo
  • Marina Simoncelli
  • Giorgio Tammetta
  • Daniel Láiz Suarez


4Ocean is a company that makes its products with recycled plastic. They are engaged in cleaning oceans and coastlines; they produce bracelets and other products with recycled garbage they collect. In this document it’s analyzed 4Ocean and its green marketing; then there is a clear discussion about the actions of 4Ocean. In the conclusion there are mentioned also other similar businesses which started to use green marketing and the trends related.


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Vázquez Burguete, J. L., Lanero Carrizo, A., Simoncelli, M. ., Tammetta, G., & Láiz Suarez, D. (2020). Consumer behaviour in green marketing: 4ocean’s business model. Casos De Marketing Público Y No Lucrativo - Casos De Marketing Público E Não Lucrativo, 7, 279–286. Retrieved from

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