Alimerka's green strategy


  • José Luis Vázquez Burguete Universidad de León, España
  • Lucía Valero Manso Universidad de León, España
  • Julia Yang Castro Robles
  • Manuel Cendón de la Mata
  • Marcelo Mendoza Alonso


green marketing, carbon footprint, clean energy


Alimerka is a Spanish company dedicated to food distribution, founded 35 years ago in Asturias. Over the years, it has been expanding to other autonomous communities to exceed 6000 employees and almost 170 supermakets. Alimerka’s green marketing policies began years ago and today cover different aspects such as energy efficiency, ecological products, the reduction of plastic bags, the implementation of biodegradable bags when it is essential to use them and distribution, an aspect in which the company is leading. The carbon footprint generated by the distribution sector in Spain is enormous: that is why Alimerka wants to reduce it through the use of cleaner energy, transforming its vehicle fleets and generating its own self-sufficiency. The objectives pursued by the company are to minimize the impact on its environment and generate value for society, especially in rural and local areas.


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Vázquez Burguete, J. L., Valero Manso, L., Castro Robles , J. Y., Cendón de la Mata , M., & Mendoza Alonso , M. (2023). Alimerka’s green strategy. Casos De Marketing Público Y No Lucrativo - Casos De Marketing Público E Não Lucrativo, 10(1), 12–22. Retrieved from




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